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Urban Stellar is a Sydney-based independent property management company with a unique heritage of distinction and service.

We deliver projects that offer the very best of Sydney’s vibrant lifestyle – matching exceptional locations with ageless design – ensuring owners and investors enjoy the rich rewards of the world’s most liveable city.

Driven by a commitment to our people, our community and an absolute client focus, Urban Stellar brings innovation and intelligence to Australia’s most valuable real estate market: Sydney.

OUR Services


We are passionate about managing better homes for people, building communities that people could be proud of and feel comfortable to live in. We aim to set new living standard for local residents. Every Urban Stellar’s project is designed, built, maintained and guarded with heart.
We offer living with style – attractive design, efficient layout with quality finishes.


Being a highly trusted family business we maintain strong and mutually beneficial relationships with our partners. We are open-minded, accessible and transparent, ensure efficient communications to understand meet and respond to their needs. Through quality relationships, it enables us to provide high-quality, sector leading projects, delivers engaging and positive experiences that are appropriate to local communities as a whole force. Together, we are stronger.


At Urban Stellar we believe our actions define us, so we really aim to live our values everyday.

From the way we treat each other, our customers and our community; to Urban Stellar’s use and commitment to intelligent and sustainable development.

We choose to provide the most efficient, sustainable and innovative approach to work and we deliver on our responsibilities.

We value and respect each other and of course, we are 100% dedicated to the communities we build, work and live in.

Urban Stellar’s shared values guide all we do.

We Choose

We thrive on innovation and we encourage excellence, so at Urban Stellar, we look to empower our people to act consistently and decisively – and to reward them for their initiative.

We Have

Urban Stellar is proud to foster a culture of honesty, reliability and commitment – to our colleagues, customers, partners and the communities in which we live and work.

We Respect

Focus and strong
Young and wise
Innovative and traditional
Urban Stellar is an inclusive workplace. We cherish the health, safety and wellbeing of our teammates. We honour our diversity and we nurture our differences as strengths. We listen to each voice and recognise each contribution.

We Believe

In each other
In teamwork
In our community

As a young and fast growing company we believe that sustainable growth can only be achieved with respect to all our stakeholders and with care to our projects through the whole life cycle. Urban Stellar listens to and shares in the vision, inspiration, and diversity of our people, our partners and our past. We do choose to be part of Sydney’s future by being its responsible partner today. We aim to deliver nothing less than excellence in service, design, location and cost.

Home buyers

Own home occupiers
We respect the traditional values of family and community: pursuing excellence, honesty and care in everything we do.

Home investors
We understand the drivers for growth and the necessary criteria for a successful property investment.


By building ‘communities of value’ in Sydney’s key-growth areas, Urban Stellar combines market-leading technologies and state-of-the-art sustainability systems with simple family-values that respect tradition, integrity and care.


Our professional team with experience and expertise in different market domains from construction, project management, marketing and finance has a good understanding of the latest market trends and developments. We ensure that your investment is in professional hands, and will accumulate an above market return.

Real Estate Agents

We provide opportunities for all different types of real-estate agents with respect to everyone’s way of work. Our goal is to establish long-term relationships, where we can grow together from one project to another.


We used to work with state-of-the-art architects, which can provide us with extra-ordinary designs in line with our strategy and vision. We prefer to get involved in every aspect of design so we can guarantee an excellent result that everyone is comfortable with.


Every project we deliver complies with our high requirements. Every project is a benchmark for the area and is our signature. Therefore, we work with builders who carry out similar values as us, in terms quality and attention to details.

Our people

We only engage in people and projects that meet the highest, most exacting standards and that provide the most secure and rewarding returns.

The way we work:

We choose:
– High growth locations
– Proximity to all amenities and infrastructure
– Professional long-term partnerships

We always make a careful decision when purchasing a new project. We need to make sure it is an attractive and convenient location for people living in that place. We also care about the future growth and development of the area and a good rental market, which will benefit investor buyers. We have a proven record and expertise, with our projects delivering always a good return in the years after. At the same time we invest in sustainable and long-term relationships with all our stakeholders.

We build:
– Premium quality
– Functionality and practicality
– With focus on views and green living

We only satisfied with our building if we would genuinely want to live there ourselves. We want to build and design a product with a high quality, but also a place which is easy and convenient to live in. Families living there need to enjoy a practical design and have a home feeling. Our goal is to provide this feeling to every single unit by giving them the maximum views and green elements.

We inherit:
– Communities
– Low maintenance cost
– New benchmark for Sydney lifestyle

Our commitment doesn’t stop after we complete and sell out our projects. We keep our focus and attention to enhance our projects throughout the years. We invest in community building, because we know that development start living only after its completion. We try to pass a low maintenance cost to our home occupiers, but not compromising on any aspect in common areas. We set a benchmark in Excellency in Sydney.

We choose Excellence.

You can imagine that at Urban Stellar, we’re extremely choosy when it comes to selecting, and retaining, our people.

We make it our business to ensure the Urban Stellar team is empowered with the tools, trust and the incentives to succeed at work – and at life. We invest in you just as we invest in our capital projects – with consideration, care and with strength.

Because a life at Urban Stellar is a license to pursue excellence, we look for candidates of outstanding ability and exceptional integrity. You’ll have the drive to learn new skills and the integrity to use them wisely.

When you work alongside our industry-leading team with cutting-edge technology and the confidence of international best practice – a world of opportunity awaits.

You’ll become an integral part of the way Urban Stellar goes beyond the expectations of our partners and customers, just as we’ll consistently go beyond your expectations.

That’s why we provide a selection of outstanding benefits, advantages and rewards for our team and their families.

Urban Stellar is far from selective when it comes to giving our team what they need to thrive — from excellent benefits to industry-leading compensation; from exceptional training and career-growth opportunities, to a safe and thrilling work environment.

We always seek and recognize excellence; we provide training and leadership programs and we work hard to deliver the resources that help employees get the most out of Sydney, both at work – and at play.

At Urban Stellar we understand people are motivated by different things – so it’s our responsibility to ensure there’s something for everyone.

For some it can be a simple gesture – like a day off for your birthday, a helping hand to cover gym fees, or just flexible working hours. For others, it’s the confidence that your great work will be recognised through our reward programs. We also ensure that our team can express their values through CSR opportunities – from volunteering to payroll gifting initiatives.

Urban Stellar also provides programs that focus on building our employees wellbeing. Wellbeing is at the heart of efficient and inspired living – these opportunities are being revised and expanded every week -with employees owning and operating the wide range of beneficial programs available.

Some of the latest additions include subsidized personal and group training schemes; lunchtime ‘clubs’; team-sports; health assessments; charity events; discount gym membership, healthy-living seminars and; and quit smoking assistance.

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